Accessories Premium

In addition to the classic conduits accessories, the clips with plug & screw offer a significant reduction in installation time.  

Type Description Packaging (pcs) Code
Ø 16Conduit Clip1003110000016
Ø 20Conduit Clip1003110000020
Ø 25Conduit Clip803110000025
Ø 32Conduit Clip503110000032
Ø 16Conduit Clip with plug & screw1003110700016
Ø 20Conduit Clip with plug & screw1003110700020
Ø 25Conduit Clip with plug & screw1003110700025
Ø 32Conduit Clip with plug & screw503110700032
Ø 16Fix-Ring Single1006110100116
Ø 20Fix-Ring Single1006110100120
Ø 25Fix-Ring Single 1006110100125
Ø 16Fix-Ring Double1006110100216
Ø 20Fix-Ring Double 1006110100220
Ø 25Fix-Ring Double1006110100225
Ø 20Fix-Ring Fourfold506110100420
Ø 25Fix-Ring Fourfold506110400425
Ø 16Coupler Ø 16 IP6753111400016
Ø 20Coupler Ø 20 IP6753111400020
Ø 25Coupler Ø 25 IP6753111400025
Ø 32Coupler Ø 32 IP6753111400032
Ø 16Coupler IP66 Vioflex-Viotubo53111500016
Ø 20Coupler IP66 Vioflex-Viotubo53111500020
Ø 25Coupler IP66 Vioflex-Viotubo53111500025
Ø 32Coupler IP66 Vioflex-Viotubo53111500032
Ø 16Bend 90˚ IP6753112400016
Ø 20Bend 90˚ IP6753112400020
Ø 25Bend 90˚ IP6753112400025
Ø 32Bend 90˚ IP6753112400032
Ø 16Flexible Bend IP6653115400016
Ø 20Flexible Bend IP6653115400020
Ø 25Flexible Bend IP6653115400025
Ø 32Flexible Bend IP6653115400032
Ø 16 / Μ 16Adaptor IP 67 Viotubo-Viobox53116400016
Ø 20 / Μ 20Adaptor IP 67 Viotubo-Viobox53116400020
Ø 25 / Μ 25Adaptor IP 67 Viotubo-Viobox53116400025
Ø 32 / Μ 32Adaptor IP 67 Viotubo-Viobox53116400032
M 16 / M 20Surface Mounting Box Viobox Ø70x40 IP 55800182210070
M 16 / M 20Surface Mounting Box Viobox 80x80x40 IP 55480182220080
M 25Surface Mounting Box Viobox 100x100x50 IP 55210182220100
M 32Surface Mounting Box Viobox 108x108x50 IP 55210182220108