Accessories Standard

In addition to the classic conduits accessories, the inspectionable bend and “T” can be integrated after the placement of the conduits, allowing the installation to be configurable and inspectable according to your needs.  

Type Description Packaging (pcs) Code
Ø 16Conduit Clip1003110000016
Ø 20Conduit Clip1003110000020
Ø 25Conduit Clip803110000025
Ø 32Conduit Clip503110000032
Ø 16Conduit Clip with plug & screw1003110700016
Ø 20Conduit Clip with plug & screw1003110700020
Ø 25Conduit Clip with plug & screw1003110700025
Ø 32Conduit Clip with plug & screw503110700032
Ø 16Fix-Ring Single1006110100116
Ø 20Fix-Ring Single1006110100120
Ø 25Fix-Ring Single 1006110100125
Ø 16Fix-Ring Double1006110100216
Ø 20Fix-Ring Double 1006110100220
Ø 25Fix-Ring Double1006110100225
Ø 20Fix-Ring Fourfold506110100420
Ø 25Fix-Ring Fourfold506110400425
Ø 16Coupler IP40103111200016
Ø 20Coupler IP40103111200020
Ø 25Coupler IP40103111200025
Ø 32Coupler IP40103111200032
Ø 16Inspectionable Bend IP4053113200016
Ø 20Inspectionable Bend IP4053113200020
Ø 25Inspectionable Bend IP4053113200025
Ø 32Inspectionable Bend IP4053113200032
Ø 16Inspectionable “T” Joint IP4053114200016
Ø 20Inspectionable “T” Joint IP4053114200020
Ø 25Inspectionable “T” Joint IP4053114200025
Ø 32Inspectionable “T” Joint IP4053114200032
Ø 16Bend 90° IP4053112200016
Ø 20Bend 90° IP4053112200020
Ø 25Bend 90° IP4053112200025
Ø 32Bend 90° IP4053112200032
Ø 16 / Μ 20Adaptor IP 55 Viobox50116300016
Ø 20 / Μ 20Adaptor IP 55 Viobox50116300020
Ø 25 / Μ 32Adaptor IP 55 Viobox50116300025
Ø 32 / Μ 32Adaptor IP 55 Viobox50116300032
M 16 / M 20Viobox Ø70x40 IP 55 Surface Mounting Box800182210070
M 16 / M 20Viobox 80x80x40 IP 55 Surface Mounting Box480182220080
M 25Viobox 100x100x50 IP 55 Surface Mounting Box210182220100
M 32Viobox 108x108x50 IP 55 Surface Mounting Box210182220108