VIOKANALI Antimicrobial


  • With silver ion technology that has been shown to inhibit the growth of most types of harmful bacteria and reduce the load on those that cause contamination from the surface of the duct system
  • Contains built-in antimicrobial protection that does not shrink throughout the life of the product
  • Tested by independent laboratories according to ISO 22196
Dimensions B × H (mm) / Description Color Packaging (m/pc) Code
40 x 40 AntimicrobialWhite121121244040
100 x 40 AntimicrobialWhite101126244010
Flat Angle Antimicrobial 100 x 40White20140044910
Internal Angle Antimicrobial 100 x 40White20140144910
External Angle Antimicrobial 100 x 40White20140244910
Tee / Adaptor Antimicrobial 100 x 40White20146044910
End Cover Antimicrobial 100 x 40White20145544910
Socket Outlet For Devices With Centre Distance 45mm AntimicrobialWhite10141344910
Double Socket Outlet 45mm AntimicrobialWhite10142444910
External Socket Outlet AntimicrobialWhite10141244910